Xiaomi Mi 2i Power Bank FULL REVIEW

Xiaomi Mi 2i Power Bank Review – Best Budget Power Bank

Well there are quite a lot options when it comes to Power Banks. Some of them are very popular. However till now no Power Bank costed less than 1,000 Rs. for 10000 mAh. It all ends with Xioami’s new Mi Power Bank 2i which is great value for money product. We are going to do the Mi Power bank 2i review and tell you whether it’s the best power bank under 1000 Rs. in India or not.

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Mi 2i Powerbank Design And Build Quality :-

The Xiaomi Mi 2i Power Bank comes with a 180° ergonomic  design which provides a better grip. Also it’s width is smaller than the previous Mi Power Banks. Also this weighs around 240 grams, so it won’t be heavy and it can easily get fit inside your pocket. Also it has a sexy space grey look which makes it feel premium.

Mi 2i Powerbank Fast Charging :-

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2i comes with 2 USB ports and a micro USB type A port along with a power indicator button. Both of the ports support fast charging but if you use both at the same time then only one device will be fast charged. Double Tap on the power indicator button enables slow charging mode. This mode allows you to charge smaller devices like fitness bands, bluetooth earphones etc even on low charge.

Xiaomi Mi power bank 2i review

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Xiaomi Mi 2i Powerbank Input And Output Capacity :-

Now the biggest concern of a power bank will be it’s charging time. For input it supports 5V – 2A to 9V-2A . Which means for a normal charger it will take around 6 hours to charge the Mi 2i power bank fully and for fast charger it will take around 4 hours. It has the output capactity of 2.4A which makes it clear that it can do fast charging. It has a conversion rate of 85% which means the real capacity of this power bank is 6,500 mAh.

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2i Price :-

This powerbank comes at an aggressive price of Rs. 799. The 20,000 mAh variant costs Rs. 1,599. Both variants are available on Flipkart and Amazon. Although they cost Rs. 899 on these sites.

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    The pricing for the 20,000 mAh battery pack is ₹ 1,599 (as on 15.05.2018) and not ₹ 1,199.
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