Popular Web Browser UC Browser Removed From Playstore

Popular Web Browser UC Browser Removed From The Google Playstore

UC browser is one of the most popular web browser in android platform. From years people with slow internet have been using this. Even I used this web browser to download files on 2G network a couple of years ago. And it’s true that pages loaded faster on UC Broswer in compared to Google Chrome. We could even resume and pause the Downloads. Nowaday a news appears that¬†¬†Popular Web Browser UC Browser Removed From The Google Playstore

But soon after I got my WiFi and Jio I switched to Google Chrome. In recent days UC browser has received so many updates that made it a junk with bloatwares. UC news is one of them. They kept sending such fake posts and most of them were obscene.

Now it seems that UC browser has been removed from the Google Playstore. We tried to open the direct link but we had zero results. Although UC News and UC Browser mini are still present on the Playstore.

UC Browser Removed
Popular Web Browser UC Browser Removed From The Google Playstore

There were complaints about UC browser from a long time ago. It’s actually maintained under Alibaba Group which is based in CHINA . Previously many developers have alleged it to share our personal data to Chinese Governement.

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I think it’s a good decision. Now let’s see how long it gets away from the Playstore. Anyways..THANK YOU for all your Good Memories.

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  1. UC Browser definitely was of great help for slow internet users as it loaded the basic version of the search results which loaded faster compared to Google Chrome which everytime loaded a full mobile web page(with the doodle and a card like design for every individual result which was of no use for someone who just wanted to quench his curiocity ASAP), Chrome only optimised other web pages which suppoted a basic version for slow data connection. Moreover when someone is on a slow and limited data connection he want to save it, on UC Browser when you browse it saves a few of the pervious web pages in cache so that whenever you hit the back button, you would be instantly get there without using any data, whereas on Chrome, everytime you hit back from the menu, it loaded the whole wen page again.
    Personally I didn’t liked the UC Browser(though it was my main for a while) as it was a bit too resource hungery and consumed much ram “as a browser” and the worst part why a browser need calling permission and many more which just doesn’t makes any sense and you cannot use it without giving it all of that. So I just don’t care whether it is on the play store or not as it will not be on my phone.


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