Telegram Tips And Tricks – Best Features To Use In 2021

So, the hype is real this time. More and more people have been shifting to other messaging platforms after WhatsApp rolled out its new privacy policy. Telegram is one of the most popular messaging services and recently, the company has announced that there are 500M, active users, on the platform now. Now, you might be a completely new user or perhaps you’ve been using it for a long time but were not sure of some of the best Telegram features. So, here you will get to know about some really awesome Telegram Tips And Tricks in 2021 that will completely change your experience.

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Best Telegram Features :-

The tricks that we are going to share will focus on many areas. We will share some nifty little features that will protect your privacy more and there will be some super cool Telegram Tips And Tricks that will make your chatting experience more interactive and cool. So let us take a look at these.

Hide Phone Number To A Particular Contact :-

This is probably the best feature keeping your privacy in mind. You can add people on Telegram using their username. Now, if that person is known to you then probably you would be fine with sharing your phone number to him/her but what if you just don’t want to share your number to some users? There’s a Telegram feature for that and it gives you many flexibilities. 

  • Tap the top left Hamburger menu.
  • Go to Settings and then Privacy and Security
  • Select Phone Number
how to hide phone number in telegram from particular contacts telegram tips and tricks 2021 telegram features

Here you will see three options – Everybody, My Contact, Nobody. Select one as your preference. Now, if you are wondering how to hide your phone number in Telegram from particular users then use the “Add exceptions” option. This will help you to whitelist/blacklist particular Telegram users. This way, you can hide Telegram number.

Hide Last Seen To Particular Contact :-

This feature is going to be a lifesaver for many people. Suppose, you want to stay online but don’t want your parents, teachers to spy on you. Well, you can actually hide your online status from particular users.

  • Tap the top left Hamburger menu.
  • Go to Settings and then Privacy and Security
  • Select Last Seen & Online

From here, click on Never Share With and you can then blacklist those contacts and then they won’t be able to see your online or last seen status. This is one of the best Telegram features that stands out from the competition.

Hide Profile Picture From Particular Contact :-

The process is pretty similar. Everything is under privacy settings :-

  • Tap the top left Hamburger menu.
  • Go to Settings and then Privacy and Security
  • Select Profile Photos

From here, add exceptions and select the contacts from whom you want to hide your profile photos.

Check From Which Devices You Are Logged In :-

One of the best things about Telegram is that you can login from multiple devices at the same time. Now, if you are a person like me where you have access to multiple smartphones, PCs then you probably might have lost clue on which devices you logged in. There is a cool Telegram feature to check the detailed list of your sessions.

  • Tap the top left Hamburger menu.
  • Go to Settings and then Privacy and Security
  • Select Active Sessions
how to log out from telegram on pc

From here, you will be able to see all your current or past Telegram activities. You can also tap on one and hit TERMINATE to log out from that device. Now you know how to log out from Telegram from any device.

Get Repeated Telegram Notifications :-

If you are a person who has the tendency to swipe away all your Notifications then you probably have for once, missed an important notification. This telegram trick will certainly save your life. 

  • Tap the top left Hamburger menu.
  • Go to Settings and then Notifications and Sounds
  • Select Repeat Notifications

Select a particular time period. I would suggest 30 minutes. 

Pin Messages In A Chat :-

This is one of the best Telegram tips and tricks that you can use for multiple purposes. Well, we all can pin a chat in any messaging platform but what gives Telegram an additional point is its ability to pin messages within a chat. 

  • Open any chat.
  • Tap on any message.
  • Click on Pin.
telegram tips and tricks how to pin messages in telegram

This will now create a fixed placeholder on the top where you will be able to see that pinned message. What’s more interesting is that you can pin multiple messages and they will be grouped together perfectly. You can tap on it multiple times to switch between the pinned messages. You can also tap and hold on it to take a glance at all the pinned messages at the same time.

Edit A Message Even After Sending :-

How many times did it happen that you had sent a text and immediately found out that there had been a mistake? The only options left are either to Delete that message from both ends or send a new corrected one. Luckily, there is a great Telegram feature that allows you to edit a message even after it’s been sent.

how to edit sent messages on telegram tips and tricks
  • Tap and hold on a sent message.
  • Tap on the Pencil icon from the top menu bar.
  • Now simply edit the message as you like.

Select Particular Texts From A Message :-

One thing that annoys me in most of the messaging platforms is that if you want to copy a text then you have to copy the whole message. That’s really not practical if that message is just way big and you want just a small portion of it. So, this cool Telegram feature comes at your service.

  • Tap and hold on any message.
  • Then tap and hold on any text of that message.
  • Now select the text by dragging the cursors.

Permanently Delete A Message From The Sender :-

“Delete For All” is nothing new. You select the option and your sent messages go deleted from both ends. Here, Telegram goes way ahead in the game. Not only it allows you Delete at any time you want (no time limitation), it also doesn’t leave any notification like “This Message Was Deleted”.

Here comes the interesting feature. You can actually permanently delete a message from the sender. 

  • Tap and hold on a message from the sender.
  • Press the Trash Can icon from top right.
  • Check “Also delete for XYZ Contact”.
  • Hit DELETE.

IMO, this is one of the best Telegram features that really puts WhatsApp into shame.

How To Send Uncompressed Images On Telegram :-

Wait, just wait. We are not asking you to send the images and videos as Documents to send the full version. That’s old school. Telegram actually has a nifty little option which will allow you to send images without losing quality.

  • Click on Attachment option.
  • Check the images/video (DON’T TAP ON THE IMAGE)
  • You will see a new menu appear just on the top. Click on the Three Dots option on the right.
  • Select “Send without compression”
best telegram features 201 telegram features

So these were our pick of the 10 Best Telegram Features that will really enhance your experience on this platform. If you know something interesting then surely let us know on our Twitter @IndiCoder18. We will continue to update the list of more Telegram Tips And Tricks in 2021.

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