Swadeshi App Helps You To Find Indian Products – Here’s What The Developer Says

“Swadeshi” Is And App Which Shows Only Indian Products :-

The Anti-China sentiment is growing in India and #BoycottChineseProducts is trending almost every day on Twitter. More and more people are deciding to choose an Indian brand over a Chinese (or any foreign brand). So, if you have been asking for Indian Products or if you have been looking for an App which only lists “Made In India” products then “Swadeshi” is for you. We recently got in touch with Rohit Suthar who is one of the men behind this app. Here’s what he says:

Hello, the developers of Swadeshi app, Congratulations on the App. What made you think to make an app like “Swadeshi”?

To start with, when our Prime Minister announced the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Programme, all people became aware of the importance of buying Local Products and the products that are made in India. But, there was no platform where we could search or find products made by Indian companies. Googling all the things was not helping much. So, therefore, we decided to solve this big problem by having an app where people would easily find Indian Brands and Products. 

The App also has a sweet and clean UI. Did you do it all by yourself?

Yes, We have referred some designs on dribble and Pinterest and then created the UI in Figma. However, most of the UI design was self-thought and some were from inspiration.

What makes “Swadeshi” unique? 

We would like to answer this in points :

  • There are many apps currently on the Play Store where you will find Swadeshi Products. But none of them have actually sorted the data according to categories and subcategories as we have done. People find it easy to use when data is categorized.
  • Most of the other apps have hardcoded the data in the app, resulting in higher app sizes unnecessarily, which also makes it mandatory to update the app when new data is added. Our app fetches the data dynamically, hence our app takes less than 3MB on your devices. 

Recently many apps appeared in the name of being Indian apps. How can users verify “Swadeshi”?

swadeshi app download playstore

As the Swadeshi app is just 2 days old (as of 19th June 2020) on Play Store, it will take some time to appear on Search Results on Play Store. Currently, we depend highly on download links shared by users from the app and from the sources where we have shared the app details such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter from where users can download the app.

Will you earn anything from the App? How will you generate revenue to make the App better?

Our first priority is and always be to serve the purpose of the app which is to create awareness amongst people and promote Swadeshi Brands. Generating revenues from the app is not something we are focusing as of now and it will never be amongst our top priorities. In the future, even if we think of some ways to generate revenues, we will totally ensure that we do not compromise with the main purpose of the app or user experience in any way.

Does “Swadeshi” already include all the Indian brands? Do you plan to reach out to more local companies?

No, it is not practically possible to add all the Brands as all the data you see in the app has been collected manually by spending days and days on the Internet. But we have made sure that we have covered the brands that are known to most people. Answering the second question, we definitely want more brands to get in touch with us and enlist themselves in the app. We have a separate facility of Contacting us in the app from where the upcoming LOCAL brands can get in touch with us.

Do you have any updates planned for the App?

Here are the few updates we are planning for upcoming releases:

  • We don’t want the language to be a barrier to use the app. So, we are planning to integrate the support for more local languages so that everyone can access information in the app.
  • Introducing Voice Search.

How To Download Swadeshi On You Smartphone :-

The app is available for FREE on the Google Playstore. You can simply click here and install it on your device. However, it’s not available on iOS as of now but you can expect this to happen very soon if the developers get enough support. We Would Like To Wish Them All The Very Best!

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