Instagram Now Allows To Re-Share Post To Stories

You Can Share Instagram Posts To Stories

If you are just became so happy that Instagram has allowed the option to share posts on your wall then this post is going to disappoint you. However you can still be happy because Instagram has finally activated the feature where you can share people’s Instagram posts on stories. And for a quick confirmation, YES you can share anyone’s posts. So the feature isn’t just limited to your crazy photography skills or daily workouts. This feature was spotted by a twitter user wongmjane.

Now there is a very clever idea behind this. If Instagram allowed the “Re-gram” feature for the posts directly to walls then there could have been confusions about the originality. This could also lead to copyright issues. Now we hope Instagram finds a better way for that in future but as of now this new sharing feature is very much cool and time saver.

You Can Now Follow Hashtags On Instagram

Suppose you were with a person and that person has shared the post on his/her wall. Now you also wanna share and let your followers know about it. So simply you can share his/her post to your stories. From there your viewers will be able to divert to the original post. In addition you can also add your typography skills, hashtags, stickers etc.

How To Share Instagram Posts To Stories :-

Till now the only way which most people did was first to take a screenshot then re-upload it. PHEWW.. I never liked it. Now thanks to this new feature. Now here you have to remember one thing that you can share posts from only public profiles. However Instagram says that If you want to run a public account, but don’t want people re-sharing your posts, you can opt to turn off the new feature in the app’s settings.

  • Choose any of the post from other account your account.
  • Tap on the bottom right paper airplane icon.
  • You will see a new option called “Create A Story With This Post“. Tap on it.
  • Now you can simply add texts, stickers GIFs etc. Customize them as you wish.

how to share instagram posts to stories

In addition if you share other people’s post then they will automatically be tagged on that Story. This feature will be quite useful. Because Instagram stories get more reach than posts. So sometimes you can notify your users about your new posts through your stories. Similarly Instagram Influencers can take the advantage of this feature by promoting some products in both Stories and Posts.

Instagram has been working to make their Stories more engaging from past few months. They are also testing a feature to add the Floating Stories bar through out your whole timeline.

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