Redmi Airdots Review – Everything You Need To Know

Redmi Airdots Review : Best True Wireless Earbuds Under Rs. 2,000

A few months ago Xiaomi had launched their Mi Airdots True Wireless Earbuds and got great attention in the market. They did cost just around $40 (Rs. 2,800) on most of the e-commerce sites. Just a few weeks back Redmi had launched the Redmi Airdots which costs even less. I have used them for more than a week and this is my Redmi Airdots Review and I have to say that they are one of the best True Wireless Earbuds Under Rs, 2,000 (Roughly $25). We have also done the Tronsmart Spunky Beat Review which you should definitely check out. Product – Xiaomi redmi airdots TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone Stereo Wireless Active Noise Cancellation With Mic Handsfree Earbuds AI Control

Design and Build Quality :-

Now the build quality is exactly what I expected, just what it should be at this price segment, neither great nor bad. It’s fine for my usage. The earbuds are extremely lightweight and they have almost a similar design to the Mi Airdots. One thing which I was not impressed with was its case. You can feel the plastic. However, the magnets used in this are really strong and the earbuds don’t fall from it. There is a small red indicator on the front and it lightens up when you are charging it. It connects through a micro-USB port but no cable is provided.

Comfort :-

Since they are extremely lightweight so I never fell discomfort while wearing them. They have a very nice arched design which helps them to fit in your ears perfectly. They completely block your ears which is helpful for two reasons. First, the audio doesn’t leak, so it sounds louder. Second, it helps with noise cancellation. It’s nothing like ANC but definitely blocks a lot of hissing sounds.

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Redmi Airdots Connection :-

They connect via Bluetooth 5.0 and the connection process is super simple. For the first time, you need to press and hold the buttons on both the earbuds. After they start blinking, search for them on your Bluetooth settings on your smartphone. Once you find them, just pair and both will get connected automatically. I never found any hassle to pair them. If you put them back in the case then they get disconnected automatically. If you take them out then they will go into the pairing mode once again. It gives you around 10 meters of coverage which is quite general.

Now they come with physical buttons and you can only Play/Pause (Single Tap) or Trigger the Google Assistant or Siri (Double Tap). There is no way to skip songs.

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Audio Quality :-

Now here is the department where I am really impressed with the Redmi Airdots. They come with TWS technology. So these are one of the best tws earbuds. There is a good distinction between the instruments and vocals. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the audio is very loud. We also could feel good bass (not overwhelming though). Apart from music, I also listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks and I didn’t feel any problem. Overall, for the price of Rs. 2,000, Redmi Airdots are one of the best true wireless earbuds.

Coming to the mic quality, it was also very good. I had no issues while talking. The audio was clear on both ends.

Battery Life and Charging Time :-

On average I was getting around 3 hours of continuous playback time with the earbuds. I listen to music at around 70-80% of volume. The case has a 300mAh battery and it can charge the earbuds up to 3-4 times. Now I never listen to continuously for 3 hours. So for me, it did the job quite well.

Redmi Airdots Buy Online In India, Price :-

Unfortunately, Redmi/Xiaomi hasn’t brought the product in India as of now. But you can purchase them from Aliexpress. We bought it for around $24.99 which roughly translates to Rs. 1,750. We can completely recommend them to you and these are one of the true wireless earbuds in India under Rs. 2,000.

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