Nova Launcher Beta Update Adds Android Q Feature

Nova Launcher Adds Android Q Undo Feature For Homescreen

The first batch of Android Q beta version has already been rolled out and we have seen new features with it. And like every year app developers have started to make an app which allows us to use those Android Q features on any android phone. One of those features is “Undo Feature For Icons On Homescreen”. Thankfully now you can use this on any Android device using the latest beta version of Nova Launcher.

How To Get Android Q “Undo For Accidental Homescreen Icon Removals” Feature On Any Device :-

Now, first of all, you have to update to the latest beta version of Nova Launcher. The version we are currently using is 6.1.3. If you are not a beta member then simply download and install the .apk file from here.

Once you have updated or installed it you are pretty much done. Now if you accidentally remove an app, folder from the homescreen then at the bottom of the screen you will find a new option to “Undo”. If you click on it then the icon will reappear once again. And the best thing is that this feature is working for Widgets as well!

how to get android q feature on any android undo for homesceen

This is a very very important feature for the folks who love Android Customization. Losing one widget can sometimes be frustrating and this feature will now help them in those accidental situations.

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