Nova Launcher 5.5 Brings Adaptive Icons

Nova Launcher 5.5 Brings Android Oreo Style Icons, Dock In Search Bar

It’s not new that after every new Android Version’s launch people want to get those features on their smartphones. And for this they install 3rd party launcher apps. Nova Launcher is one of them. And Nova Launcher constantly brings new features with their beta updates. And with Nova Launcher 5.5 update it brings new features like Android 8.1 Oreo style pop-up menus, adaptive icons and search bar on the dock.

How to Get Android Oreo Adaptive Icons :-

  • First go to the playstore and update/install Nova Launcher.
  • Then go to the Look And Feel tab in Nova Settings.
  • There you will see adaptive icon menu.


Nova Launcher update
Nova Launcher Adaptive Icons
Nova Launcher mask legacy
Nova Launcher adaptive icons
Nova Launcher icons
Nova launcher mask legacy











If their is any such icon which doesn’t support that icon style then you can simply enable masking for legacy. This update has also brought features like search bar on the dock and Android Oreo pop-up menus. We have previously covered this topic so check that here.


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