Mi LED Smart Bulb Review – Smart Lighting In Budget

Mi LED Smart Bulb Review – An Affordable Option For Smart Lighting

If you were looking for smart lights for home in India but your budget was always holding you back then Mi LED Smart Bulb is the best option for you. Xiaomi has launched the Mi Smart LED Bulb as a Crowdfunding project for the price of just Rs. 999 and it was backed by over 135,000 people. The Mi LED Bulb has been started shipping from 20th May and after using for 2 days, we can definitely say that it is currently one of the best smart bulbs in India.

Design And Build Quality :-

Now the design and build quality is almost identical to the Yeelight RGB Bulbs from the 1st generation. The bulb has quite a weight which assures its good build quality and the bottom part has silver finishing. The Mi LED Smart bulb comes with an E27 base which can create a problem for the buyers. You have to either use a compatible holder or have to buy a B22 to E27 converter. You can find those on shops or on Amazon.

How To Setup Mi LED Smart Bulb :-

You need a WiFi connection to connect these smart bulbs to your smartphone. So you need to have a router or a hotspot.

  • Turn on the bulb from a power source.
  • Install Mi Home/ Yeelight App (I’ll use Yeelight).
  • Open the app and Login to your Mi Account. (Create one if you haven’t any)
  • Select Singapore Server.
  • Click on the + icon.
  • Select Mi Color LED Bulb.
  • Select the detected device.
  • Select the WiFi connection and enter the password to connect.

And now your Mi LED bulb should successfully get connected to your smartphone. You can Turn Off an On the bulb. You also can choose white lights in a temperature range from 1700K to 6500K. You have an option to choose 16 Million different colors. You can also create a flow of 4 different colors and adjust its speed. There is also multiple presets and schedules option for automation.

Mi LED Bulb is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well. So you can control your lights from anywhere in the world. The bulb has an output of 10W and emits 800 lumens of light.

Should You Buy Mi LED Smart Bulb :-

We pre-ordered it for Rs. 999 and Xiaomi India will soon bring them back to stock. Now it’s available on Open Sale for Rs. 1,299 on both Amazon and Flipkart. It is an excellent product for smart lighting. It is not as bright as the Yeelight V2 RGB Bulb but at this price, we believe it’s the best offering right now for Smart Home Lighting.

BUY:- Amazon | Flipkart

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