Mi Electric Toothbrush T300 Launched In India – Specifications, Price

Xiaomi Launches Electric Toothbrush In India – Features And Pricing :-

Xiaomi has been announcing some new products recently in India. From past couple of days, their official social handles have been teasing the launch of a new product and there were no doubts regarding what the product will be. Today, they have officially announced their new Mi Electric Toothbrush T300 in India. It’s currently available on the Crowd Funding page. Xiaomi has done the same for many other products in the past such as the Mi Bedside Lamp 2.

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The electric toothbrush comes with a very similar design like the other Xiaomi products – white and minimal. It comes with an IPX7 rating which ensures its ability to be waterproof. There is an Anti-Slim Bump Strap design on the back for a better grip. There are three different color rings available with the toothbrush so that you can identify among the family members without any confusion. 

The Mi Electric Toothbrush T300 has a high-efficiency magnetic levitation sonic motor which can deliver high-frequency vibrations of over 31,000 times/minute and torque of over 230 gf.cm (gram force centimetres). This can help you to clean all the germs and dirts inside your teeth. Xiaomi also claims that there is no danger of metal corrosion or dirt getting trapped between the grooves of metal plating, making this brush healthier and more durable. 

There are two different brushing modes in it – Standard Mode and Gentle Mode. The brush comes with an EquiClean auto-timer feature which reminds you to change the brushing side by pausing after every 30 seconds. There’s an Type-C port and charging indicator on the brush and it houses a 700mAh battery which can last up to 25 days on an average

Pricing And Availability :-

You can get the Mi Electric Toothbrush T300 through the crowd funding programme on Mi.com for Rs. 1,299. The page is live and the goal is set to 1000 units. Later, it may go on a regular sale and the price may change. 

mi electric toothbrush specifications

“At Xiaomi, we believe that technology should improve all aspects of human life. Brushing teeth is often considered a mundane task in our daily routine, but its health benefits cannot be ignored at any cost. Oral healthcare is just as important as overall healthcare. With the Mi Electric Toothbrush, we intend for users to choose a smarter way of brushing which will further improve their overall health and wellness”

Raghu Reddy, Chief Business Officer, Xiaomi India

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