Meizu EP52 Lite Review – Best Budget Bluetooth Earphones

Meizu EP52 Lite Review – Best Budget Wireless Earphones

Last year we did a review of the Meizu EP52 Bluetooth Earphones and we were very impressed. Since then we were waiting for an upgrade over it but last month Meizu actually launched a lightweight version of this bluetooth earphones. In this article, we are going to do the review of Meizu EP52 Lite Bluetooth Earphones and will tell you if this is one of the best budget wireless earphones in the market or not.

Meizu EP52 Lite Box Content :-

We won’t say that the packaging is something great but its reasonable for the price that you are paying. The Earphones are very safely packaged and you shouldn’t worry about these getting damaged. Along with the Earphones, you get a micro-USB cable for charging, a manual guide and different sizes of ear tips. So, in short, you are getting :-

  • Earphones
  • micro-USB Cable
  • Different sizes of Ear Tips
  • User Manual Guide

meizu ep52 lite bluetooth earphones review price india gearbest

Meizu EP52 Lite Bluetooth Earphones Review :-

We have made a detailed post about its specifications which you can check here. Now to make this review short and simple we are going to focus on three major parts.

  • Design And Build Quality
  • Audio Quality
  • Battery Life

After checking these points we are sure you will get to know if these are the best wireless bluetooth earphones for your or not.

Meizu EP52 Lite Design And Build Quality :-

The build quality of any Earphones whether Wired or Wireless is very important. Earphones are one the things that people use very casually. We throw it anywhere and sometimes we find them under heavy books inside our backpack. So we don’t want our earphones to get teared up. Now the build quality on the Meizu EP52 Earphones are quite good. This is not as good as Meizu EP52 but still, it offers good build quality. The neckband is made by high-quality plastic and feels very comfortable while wearing.

Each earbud weighs only 3.5 Grams so these won’t hurt your ears. The earbuds have an arched shape which will help to fit in your ear canals. The earphones don’t come with any Ear Hooks but we didn’t face any issue. The ear tips are made of soft rubber. The weight distribution is well balanced. The buttons also feel tactile to use. The earphones are also IPX5 certified.

meizu ep52 lite bluetooth earphones review price india gearbest best budget bluetooth earphones

Meizu EP52 Lite Audio Quality :-

Of course, the most important part of Earphones is Audio Quality. And here we were mesmerized. We couldn’t just simply believe that Bluetooth Earphones Under $20 can offer such a great sound quality. The audio was completely balanced. The vocals were very sharp and clear and it had a really good bass. And when it comes to loudness, I don’t think any other Bluetooth earphones will provide such a loud sound. I was really enjoying listening to music. The audio was getting distorted after 90% volume. In simple words, the audio quality is exceptionally good.

The earphones have passive noise cancellation which isn’t that great. It has a microphone for audio calls and the audio was clear during phone calls and the receiver didn’t face any issue talking to us.

meizu ep52 lite bluetooth earphones review price india gearbest

Meizu EP52 Lite Battery Life :-

Since these are bluetooth earphones so the battery life is also a very important point. On an average, we were getting around 7.5-8 hours of battery life with active music playback. The volume was at 80% most of the time. The earphones use Bluetooth 4.2 Technology which provides a seamless connection. We didn’t face any connection issue.

Meizu EP52 Lite Price :-

Unfortunately, Meizu products aren’t available in India but you can get them from Gearbest. These earphones cost just $18.99 (roughly Rs. 1,377) and we find them quite value for money. There won’t be any customs charges if you select priority shipping. These come with Gray, Blue and White color variants.

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