Meizu EP52 Review With Discount Coupon

Meizu EP52 Bluetooth Earphones Review And Coupon Code

There are plenty of Bluetooth Earphones in the market but perhaps Meizu EP52 provides the best value for money. It’s a package of both beauty and great performance. Here we are going to give you the full review of Meizu EP52 as well as provide you Meizu EP52 coupon codes.

1. Looks And Build Quality

This bluetooth earphone comes with a neckband which is of well material and super comfortable to wear. It’s stretchable and you will barely feel it on your neck. Now it has two variants. One is the Red and Black while the other one is Grey and White. The wire used here is of very solid quality and it will never get tangled. It has a very bright and vibrant color, so it will look attractive as well. The Ear-pieces are made of metal and have a very nice shade. Meizu EP52 also comes with different sizes of ear buds and ear hooks. They are quite soft and super comfortable. Overall the whole earphone is very very lightweight.

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2. Sound Quality

Obviously sound quality is the most important thing for any audio device. Thankfully Meizu EP52 comes with a killer sound performance. It has the exact amount of Bass that I prefer. The trebles are pretty clear and I could easily recognize all the vocals whether that was High, Mids or Lows. This headset makes use of CSR 8645 chipset. It has a built in volume controller button which can even make the volume higher than expected. And the audio never fades out.

3. Battery Life And Extra Features

Meizu E52 has a decent battery life with 7-8 Hours of Music playback. It takes around 50-60 minutes to get charged. Also you can use the volume controller buttons to skip music. The Play-Pause button can be used for receiving and declining calls as well. Also its Earpieces are magnetic. You can put them together and the Song will be paused automatically. If it’s get attached for more than 5 minutes then it will automatically turned off. Meizu EP52 is also IPX5 certified. That means it’s sweat proof. It has a good bluetooth range of 10 meters.

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Meizu EP52 Specifications :-

  • Soft neckband
  • Magnetic Ear Buds with smart features
  • Bluetooth 4.1 with a range of 10 meters
  • Extra ear buds and ear hooks
  • 7-8 Hours of Music Playback
  • Answering And Declining calls
  • Volume control buttons
  • IPX5 certified

The price of Meizu EP52 is around $98.99 usually but frequently you get it for discount on Gearbest. And with using this coupon code you can get it for $38.99 (Rs. 2400). Use the Coupon Code EP52X

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