Instagram Highlights And Archive Feature Saves Stories For More Than 24 Hours

With New Instagram Update You Can Have Your Stories Forever

Instagram is getting more and more popular these days. Teens have a craze over this platform with there best selfies and suitable Hash-Tags. No doubt with some few clicks you can completely change a boring photo into a stunning one. One of the popular features of Instagram is “Stories”. And now with the new Instagram Highlights and Archive feature you can have them for more than 24 hours, actually forever.

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Instagram Archive :-

With this feature you will be able to save your stories to your archive. By this even after 24 hours you will be able to watch your Instagram Stories. This will be only visible to you and it won’t be saved on Gallery.

instagram highlights archive

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Instagram Highlights :-

Well there are some particular memories which you wanna share to the people for more than 24 hours. Here Instagram Highlights Feature will help you. You can put multiple stories to add on your Instagram Highlights. This will add a small section over the top of your Instagram profile. You can have this as long as you want. The feature does really make sense and looks DOPE. And you can give a name to that Highlight too.

instagram highlights

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