Instagram Bug Allows People To Send Messages To Themselves

You Can Send Messages To Yourself On Instagram

Instagram is growing rapidly. It has over 800 Million active users monthly. No matter how Instagram copies Snapchat it’s still becoming the new market for Digital Agencies, Social Influencers etc. However no App is bug free and looks like Instagram contains a very funny bug. This new Instagram Bug allows people to send messages to themselves.

This incident was first noticed by Techdipper. Now every App encounters with lot of new bugs and Instagram also got many bugs through out the years. They even have fixed them quickly. This new Instagram Bug is somehow funny.

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instagram bug send messages to yourself

Instagram Bug Details :-

The bug is pretty simple. A user can send messages to himself/herself on Instagram. All he/she has to do is that simply search his/her name and the Profile will appear. Now if you select that you will be able to send message to yourself. This includes text messages, images and videos also.¬† Now surprisingly I didn’t receive any notification for these messages. However two separate chats were created out of which one was as the Sender and the other was as the Receiver.

Now you may or may not encounter with this Instagram bug. I have noticed this bug on an Instagram account running on the version Surprisingly I encountered with this Bug On Instagram Direct as well which is the upcoming separate Messaging platform for Instagram. So go and hurry and try this bug. If you are an alone person then probably you can spend your time also.


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