Huawei P30 Pro Camera Update Brings Dual-View Video Feature

Huawei P30 Pro Gets New Software Update – Includes New Camera Modes

We already know that Google has closed its business with Huawei which certainly creates big question marks about the future update of Huawei and Honor smartphones. However, today the company has rolled out the second software update for the Huawei P30 Pro which brings new features for its cameras. These include Dual-View Videos and AR Measure.


The Dual-View video feature enables the option to shoot videos at two different angles at the same time. Two lenses will be used at the same time to capture the videos. So you will be able to take a wide shot and a close-up shot at the same time. This will be useful for situations like sports events. The top and bottom lens are used for this mode. User can adjust the level of magnification they want for the close-up shot.

With the Huawei AR Measure feature, you will be now able to do measurements with the use of the cameras on your P30 Pro. The new update combines the P30 Pro’s TOF Camera with leading AR technologies. It can measure the length of a line, area of surface and volume of objects. You can also measure the height of multiple persons if they are in the same frame. Huawei claims to be the margin error at 1% only.

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