How To Delete A Facebook Group Permanently

Okay, close your eyes and think it’s 2012 and you are slowly getting addicted to Facebook. You are in high school and Internet Data Packs are quite expensive. But you want to stay connected with your friends and share all the school-related works, classic daily good morning wishes (don’t be ashamed, we all did it) and of course a chance to talk/impress your crush (wink wink). We all had opened many Facebook Groups and probably we are the admin of many groups that we’ve even forgotten now. And now, it’s 2021 and it’s safe to say that you haven’t talked to many of those friends (hits hard, right?) for a long time and those FB groups have become dead. So it’s probably time to delete those Facebook Groups. So in this short tutorial, you will learn how to delete a Facebook group permanently.

“I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you actually left them.”

Andy Bernard, The Office

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How To Delete A Facebook Group You Manage :-

To move further into the tutorial we need to make sure of one very very important thing. You have to be the Admin of that particular Facebook Group that you want to delete. Otherwise, if you are a general member then you won’t be able to do it. But I am pretty sure you are the admin of the FB group. Now let us follow the steps.

Go To Groups Section :-

First, you have to go to the “Groups” section. You will find it on the left-hand side of your Facebook Home Page. Click here and you will find a list of all the FB groups that you are a part of. Here you will see a subsection named “Groups you manage”. Under this, you will find the list of groups that you are an admin/moderator of. Select the Group that you want to delete.

Remove All Members From Facebook Group :-

Now you will see a big tab under the cover art and name of the FB group. Go to “Member” and you will see all the members who were added to the Facebook group. And now the tricky part. You have to hover over the “three-dot menu” beside every member’s name and then select “Remove from group”. And yes, you have to do it one by one for each and every member. CAUTION: Don’t ever remove yourself from the Facebook group. If you want to know how to remove all members from a Facebook group at once then you can try out this script trick

Delete The Facebook Group :-

how to delete a facebook group

Now it’s time to bid Adiós to your sweet memories. Click the “Joined” button on the top right corner and hit “Delete group” and now you will be left with nothing but an error page because you have successfully deleted the Facebook Group that used to be the go-to place every morning once upon a time. I hope now you know how to delete a Facebook group that you created once with many hopes. It’s pretty interesting how we left all the memories behind without even realizing it.

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