WhatsApp New Beta Update Adds More Customisation Option For WhatsApp Group Icon

WhatsApp is going through some small but impactful changes. The instant messaging app is getting updates more frequently than ever. Some of the new WhatsApp features include “My Contacts Except…” for last seen and other information, new 24 hr and 90 days ephemeral duration options for disappearing messages. And now, we have a completely new updates that gives more customisation option for WhatsApp Group icon pictures.

New WhatsApp Feature For WhatsApp Group Icon:

Now let us talk about a very new yet refreshing feature. Shawmava Mukherjee has discovered new options for customizing Whatsapp group profile pictures. Now, you will be able to create a new Group Icon with emoji, stickers, and solid fills.

How To Make Custom Profile Picture For WhatsApp Group:

  • Starting from basic, firstly open WhatsApp and click on the desired group whose pic you want to customize.
  • Now click on the “three vertical dots” on the upper right side of the screen and open the group info page.
  • Secondly, now click on the profile picture, it will expand. Then click on the pencil-like icon appearing in the upper right corner.
  • Then, a pop-up menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. here now you will get a new ’emoji and sticker’ option.
  • clicking on it will open a new page. from here you will get some solid color palate, emoji, stickers to choose from, and bake your own DP. (as shown in the image)

NOTE: As of now you can add a solid fill colour, emojis and WhatsApp stickers. You can also select the animated stickers however they will remain static unlike Telegram.

Looks like WhatsApp is trying to revamp there overall app user experience. From past couple of days, many people across the globe have discovered a new fresh UI for WhatsApp contacts. We discovered this new feature on the Beta version but many people couldn’t. So probably, WhatsApp is releasing this new feature via OTA updates.

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