Now You Can Add Multiple Photos On Your Instagram Stories

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Instagram Layout Allows You To Add Multiple Photos To Your Instagram Stories

One of the things that Instagram has copied from Snapchat is their “Stories” feature. But with time it has improved a lot and arguably the best platform right now to upload your stories or daily moments. Today Instagram has officially launched their new feature, called the “Instagram Layout” which allows you to upload multiple pictures to your Instagram Stories. So from now, you won’t need to install those third-party apps in order to upload multiple pictures on your Insta Stories.

How To Upload Multiple Photos On Instagram Stories

To get this feature you actually don’t necessarily need to update your Instagram app to the latest version. The update will happen over the air and you will get to see on your Stories tab. The “Instagram Layout” feature is getting rolled out globally. You will notice a new tab called “Layout” between “Boomerang” and “Superzoom“. After selecting that you will be able to upload multiple photos on one Instagram Story. Instagram will allow you to upload up to 6 photos at once.

This can be a major blow to many App developers because, for the past couple of years, these Apps were so popular to create a collage for Instagram Stories. Most of the apps were loaded with tons of bloats and unwanted ads. With Instagram rolling out their Instagram Layout feature, this might be a hard time for them. But surely this is a big relief for the consumers. Now you know how to upload multiple photos to your Instagram Stories without using any app.

Vicky Mukherjee

Vicky Mukherjee

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