Honor Will Introduce Smart TV With Pop-Up Cameras

Honor Vision Will Come With Honghu 818 SoC And Pop-Up Cameras

2019 is definitely the year of smartphones with pop-up cameras. We are seeing more and more such smartphones in affordable price tags. Well, Honor is taking a bit far with their Honor Vision. It will use a dedicated intelligent SoC named “Honghu 818” only for display and will feature a pop-up camera for large screens. Honor has also announced their “Sharp Tech” concept which aims to embrace and explore to the fullest the latest cutting-edge technologies.

honor honghu 818 soc pop up cameras

Honghu 818 Intelligent Chipset For Displays :-

During GMIC, HONOR also unveiled the intelligent display chipset, “Honghu 818”, HONOR’s latest “Sharp Tech” innovation and the most recent addition to the Hisilicon chipset family. Launching in August, HONOR’s “Honghu 818” enabled smart screen deliver outstanding performance and superior image and sound quality. The cutting-edge screen will also be provided openly to manufacturers, driving the development of the large-screen sector industry.

  • The “Honghu 818” is the first intelligent display SoC available globally, building upon the company’s 5-year accumulation in research and development of Hisilicon chipset. With its powerful display technology and processing capability, “Honghu 818” carries a magic image-processing engine. Equipped with seven advanced image-processing technologies, including Motion Estimate and Motion Compensation (MEMC), High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR), Super-Resolution (SR), Noise Reduction (NR), Dynamic Contrast Improvement (DCI), Auto Color Management (ACM) and Local Dimming (LD), the “Honghu 818” chipset enhances and optimizes image resolution, contrast and color performance of the display through multiple algorithms.
  • Histen audio technology optimises sound quality in areas of the ultra-wide sound field, transient intermodulation distortion, sound equalization and intelligent bass. With its industry-leading hardware, the product continues to deliver an unparalleled audio experience.
  • Housing a powerful multimedia decoder, the chipset supports video decoding from 8K30 frames to 4K120 frames, with the ability to decode 64-megapixel images, which is greater than the highest pixel of smartphone photos in the market. In comparison to our competitors, it gives devices a faster load time for videos and pictures.
  • The octa-core processor can handle heavy-image processing on large screens and multiple tasks at the same time. Motion Estimate and Motion Compensation (MEMC) is also capable of delivering high-resolution images, the best quality of audio and performing far-field voice interaction simultaneously. The processor’s bandwidth utilization rate leads the industry by over 50% on average.
honor vision 818 honghu

Smart Pop-Up Camera For Honor Vision :-

HONOR has been playing a pioneering role under the dual-brand strategy in Huawei’s business. Following the success of its bionic parallel dual-lens camera, GPU Turbo and A.I. technology, HONOR is expanding into new industries and lending its experience to the television sector, announcing the world’s first smart screen, “Honghu 818” enabled. Taking an innovative approach to its development, HONOR has equipped the latest HONOR Vision product offering with a smart pop-up camera, which enables NPU capability for face recognition, bringing powerful functions and a superior experience for users.

The HONOR Vision will be officially released in mid-August 2019.

5G commercialization in China began in 2019, which is also a turning point for the smart device industry. We believe 5G is key to this new era of digitalization, enabling a world where the Internet of Things is made possible. In line with our mission of creating an intelligent new world that belongs to young people, HONOR unveils the concept of ‘Sharp Tech’ to encourage and enable technology innovation,” said Mr. George Zhao, President of HONOR.

[DISCLAIMER: The above post was generated from an Official Press Release with few modifications]

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