Here’s everything that Apple announced in the Apple Event.

Apple recently started teasing its new Event which stated “One More Thing”. If you don’t know about this line then let me tell you, this is a typical line by Apple that states it is the last keynote of the Company for the year. 

So, this year’s last keynote happened and it was just based on the Mac’s. In September Apple announced that they would be transitioning from Intel to their own chips for the Macs. And a few months later now we have the very first macs with their own chip now. So, without wasting any further time, let me tell you all the details and specifications about the New Macs which are announced today.

The first announcement that apple made was regarding their first silicon chip. Apple has named their very first chip as the Apple Silicon M1 Chip. This is a very powerful chip, that is based on a 5nm, and comes with 8 cores of cpu and gpu. Apple also stated that this chip is a very power efficient chip. 

Apple has also made a lot of changes to MacOS Big Sur, they have designed apps specifically to work on the silicon chips. They have optimized a lot of apps and even made tools for the developers by which they can optimize their apps for Apple chips as well. 

The biggest announcement made by Apple was that you can now run apps which were available on iPads and iPhones, natively to your Mac. This means that you can play your favorite mobile games on your macbook without any problems. 

Coming to the hardware announcements made by Apple, there were 3 of them. Which include the Macbook Air, Macbook Pro 13” and the Mac Mini. So let me tell you all the details about the hardware announcements.

Macbook Air-

So the first Mac that runs on this Silicon M1 chip is the Macbook Air. There are no changes to the design of the laptop but Apple has done some changes to the inside here. We get a fanless design which is good for a machine like this. Everything else other than the chip is the same, as we get the same display, trackpad, keyboard and everything else. Apple has mentioned that this Mac comes with a 7 Core Gpu instead of an 8 core chip on the base variant. The Price for this Macbook Air starts at Rs. 92,900 and you have other ram and storage options too.

Mac Mini-

The second announcement that Apple made, was regarding the Mac Mini. Apple has made a refreshment to the mac mini but this time with the same M1 chip, everything else is the same from the last mac mini and the only improvement here is made with the chip. The price for this mac starts at Rs. 64,990 and you get options for different ram and storage options too.

Macbook Pro 13”-

The last announcement that apple made was regarding the 13” Macbook Pro. Here you get the same M1 Chip, but Apple says that this one is going to be faster than the Air. Everything else remains the same here. The only difference being the chip inside. This Macbook starts at Rs. 1,22,900 and you have different ram and storage options too. 

Last but not the least Apple also announced that they would be pushing the MacOS Big Sur to the public starting from 12th November. 

So this was everything that Apple announced in the “One More Thing” Event. I hope that you liked this article.

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