Here’s Everything Apple announced today.

After a lot of hype Apple did the Apple Event which said Time Flies, we already knew about that there was gonna be the new Watch Series 6 and the new iPads. But there have been more things announced so let me tell you everything you need to know about today’s event.

Apple Watch Series 6 and SE-

Firstly I will be covering the new Apple watches, Apple has unveiled 2 new watches which are Series 6 and the watch SE.

Apple Watch Series 6-

Firstly talking about series 6 apple has made some good changes from the previous one. We get an Oxygen Blood meter this time with ECG improved from the last generation. They also have made improvements in sleep tracking. It comes with an always-on retina display which they claim will reduce the battery drain compared to the last generation. The watch is available in different colors which are blue and the new product red, there are other color options as well which are Space Black Titanium, new Gold Stainless Steel, Silver Aluminium. The band of the watch has completely changed and now we get the new type of band which is the Solo Loop and the watch will now just slide in your hand, there is also an option for a braided Solo Loop Band. Coming to the watch faces here apple has made some great watch faces and we can also set Animojis as watch faces which is really cool.

Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple Watch SE-

Now coming to the Apple Watch SE, we get the same design as Series 6 and we get the same processor from the last generation so performance should not be an issue. We also get features like fall detection and emergency SOS, We also get a cellular variant of this watch. We get all the same features as the Series but ECG and Blood Oxygen Meter are not available. This watch also gets the Solo Loop Bands.

Apple Watch SE.

iPad 8th Gen and Air 4-

Now coming to the iPads side of things there has been the new refreshment to the iPad 8 and the Air 4.

iPad Air 4- 

Firstly talking about Air 4 we have got a lot of huge changes in this iPad, Firstly talking about the display we get a bezel-less display and the touch id has been moved to the power button which is a lot smaller as the home button has been removed. This is powered by the new A14 Bionic Chip which is a very big improvement from the previous A12 and this is the first device to come with the A14. This also supports the Second Gen Apple Pencil which is a lot better than the 1st gen, the magic keyboard is also supported. We also get a type-c port instead of the lighting port. It is available in many colors which include Sky Blue, Green, Rose Gold, Silver, and Space Grey. We also get a 12mp rear camera and 7mp front camera. 

iPad Air 4.

iPad 8th Generation-

Coming to the iPad 8th Gen there are not a lot of changes, the only area where Apple has changed is that it comes with A12 instead of the A10 from the last generation. All the other things are the same as the last generation and there are no improvements.

iPad 8th Generation.

Software and other announcements-

In the event, Apple has also said that all the new updates for IOS 14 and WatchOS 7 will start rolling out from tomorrow. Apple has also introduced Fitness+ and Apple One. The fitness+ is currently not available in India.


Now coming to the most important thing which is the pricing of all the things let me firstly start with the Watches, the Apple Watch Series 6 GPS version is priced at ₹40,900 the cellular version is priced at ₹49,900 The Watch SE GPS version is priced at ₹29,900 and the Cellular for ₹33,900. The iPad Air 4 Base Variant (Wifi only) for ₹54,900 and Wifi+Cellular for ₹66,900, The iPad 8th Generation Base Variant (Wifi Only) is priced at ₹29900 and ₹41900 for the Cellular variant. The Apple one Subscription costs ₹195/month for an individual plan and ₹365/month for a family plan.

This was all the information about everything that was announced from today’s event. 

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