You Can’t Download Images From Google Easily – View Image Removed

Google Removes View Image Option In Search Results- How To Still Download

If you are a random person who thinks the best way to download images is to Download it from Google then you might be shocked to know that you won’t be able to do that anymore. Google has removed Google View Image button from it’s image search results without any warning and regulars folks are clueless about it. If you go to and try performing a image search yourself then you will notice that after clicking on a picture you won’t see that View Image option there. You will even miss out Search By Image option as well.

Now you might be wondering that why Google removed View Image button as it was one of the most useful feature of the entire platform for more than a decade. Now Google hasn’t any clear explanation about this removal but I can easily guess it’s due the Copyright of several platforms and artists. Many creators have blamed Google over the past years that it was very easy for people to just simply download the Image from a Google search without even visiting their portfolio site. This costed them traffic and Ad revenue as well. Also people could randomly download an Image and use it somewhere else without even mentioning proper credits. However Google has made a Tweet earlier about this issue for informing people and also mentioned about their agreement with Getty Images.

Now this move is definitely beneficiary for the creators, publishers and artists but obviously it will frustrate a normal person who uses Google Images Search for a little school project or a perhaps for a simple Good Morning Message. Previously publishers had started to use different image formats for making it harder for people to download the images. But now after Removing View Image button it will be a big trouble for people. You have to first visit the site then do whatever you want.

Google has also removed “search by image” option that appeared beside”view image” button till now. This means you can’t just simply reverse search an Image on Google. However you will be still able to make a Search By Image by manually uploading a picture. This step is definitely taken to prevent “Modified Non-Watermarked” images from appearing on your search results.

How To Still Download Images From Google :-

  • You can use Firefox Quantum Browser to take Easy screenshots. Here is our Tutorial.
  • You can Inspect Element and find the RAW image link to download it.
  • You can visit the Publisher’s site and Right Click on the Image then click on Save Image As.

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