Google Play Store Gets New Material Redesigned Update

Play Store Gets New Look – Material UI

Finally, Google Play Store has ditched the Green color and it’s now all white. Play Store has received one of the biggest changes in User Interface in the latest version of 15.1.24. The new redesigned UI introduces a material based theme which most of the Google apps have recently adapted to. The update is rolling out to all the users globally.

This update was first discovered by 9to5google back in April when they tore down the .apk file. And after two months users have started to receive this update.

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What’s New In The Redesigned Play Store?

The first major noticeable difference is definitely the color scheme. It’s has adapted the material theme which is mostly white. The font style has been changed as well. The menu that you’ll select will turn into green. As expected, the search bar and promotional banners have now more rounded corners. Another big change is in the Navigation Bar’s position. It has now moved at the bottom which makes it easier to access since most of the smartphone these days come with large screens. You can switch between Games, Apps, Movies, and Books from here.

Thee headers for each section has now got a bigger Font Size and has become a bit bolder as well. A big redesign can be seen when you open an app on the Play Store. There’s no more an Installation Progress Bar. It has now turned into a circular shape which looks cool. The circle goes around the app icon. The “Install button” takes the full width of the screen. Even the ratings can be seen on the top.

How To Get The New Update :-

The new update of Play Store is rolling out gradually. You can wait for that or download the latest apk file. After that do a “Clear Cache” for the Play Store and you should get the new material update.

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