Google Keyboard Gboard Adds Handwriting Input In New Update

How To Use Google Keyboard Handwriting Input

When it comes to the typing experience on an Android Device I personally take it very seriously. The typing experience should be smooth and most importantly the Keyboard layout should be clean and simple. That’s why like most of the other people I prefer Google Keyboard. It got so many useful features in recent times and the Handwriting Support is a new addition inside it.

However it’s not very simple to add the Handwriting Support on the Gboard. Here is the exact tutorial on how to use handwriting on Google Keyboard aka Gboard.

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How To Use Google Keyboard/Gboard Handwriting Feature :-

  • First of all make sure that your Gboard is updated to the latest version. If not then Update.
  • Then Press on the Spacebar and click on Language Settings.
  • Here you will see all the list of your added languages. Simply click on Add Keyboard. From there search for English(US).

how to use google keyboard handwriting feature

  • Here you will find a new Layout called “Handwriting”. Just add it.
  • And now you will be able to use your handwriting for typing. The method works needs a bit of practice. But it works smoothly.

how to use handwriting on google keyboard gboard

Here is a sample video of Gboard Handwriting Feature.

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