Google Datally Helps To Save Mobile Data

Google’s Datally , Formerly “Triangle” App Helps You To Restrict Mobile Data Usage

Mobile data is a very big concern for all of us. Previously in India Mobile Data used to be expensive. Thanks to Jio, that those days are over. Still most of us reach our 1GB mobile data limit very quickly. You may not believed that a big percentage of data is costed by background usage. Well Google’s new app ” Datally ” helps you to save mobile data.

Google Datally Features And How To Use It :-

Datally was previously called as “Triangle” app which wasn’t available on the PlayStore. But now it’s available for free on the PlayStore. Simply install it and you will have to give some accessibility permissions. The design of the application is quite minimal and simple. The UI makes it very easy to use.

how to use datally

When you open the Datally app it will show you a BIG button to Turn On Data saver. Simple enable it and it will start restricting your background apps that consume data. Go to the ” Manage Data ” section and it will show all the apps that are restricted. You can simply unlock the Apps which you want to use background data. You should use this for Apps like Messenger, WhatsApp since they need background data to get push notifications.

datally notifcations datally data usage datally data saver

The app also shows theĀ  Real Time Data Usage on the Notification panel while using any app. Overall the app is quite useful and the early testers have reported it to save around 30% of data. Datally also has an option to find nearby WiFi Devices and it will give you personal tips to save more data. This is a part under Google’s Next Billion Users Initiative.

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