Firefox Quantam Update Is Here-The Fastest Firefox Ever

Firefox Quantam Update And It’s New Features

Popular web browser has just got a new update named Firefox Quantam. Mozilla is already saying that it’s 2x faster than it’s previous version. They are also saying that it’s the biggest update since their first release back in 2004.


Mozilla is saying that it will take 30% less memory on your device than previous versions. Well I have personally tested this browser for the whole day and I just loved it. Honestly I was using it more than Google Chrome than ever.

The most new thing it’s UI. It’s so minimal and beautiful. The new UI is called “Photon UI” and it’s based on the choice of users. And ye. While using this browser I found things to access really easy. Everything was placed exactly where I needed them. Let me include some interesting new features of Firefox Quantam.

Screenshot Ability :- This is gonna save my time by a lot. You get an very neat tiny menu to just go there and HIT that screenshot. Then you can easily take a screenshot of the full page or easily capture a region. You don’t even need to drag. Firefox Quantam will automatically detect this.

Quick Customization :- Customization was never so easy on a web browser. You can easily drag and drop the tiles in Firefox Quantam update at where you want. You can change their position. Pretty much you can make your browser just the way you want. I have added a quick Incognito Tab menu and it’s super easy to use.

Firefox Quantam Update Tiles Customization

Firefox Quantam Customization Themese
This will allow to quickly change themes in Firefox Quantam

Overall I found this Firefox Quantam Update so useful. And I think this can really beat Google Chrome.

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