[DOWNLOAD] Google Releases New “Files Go – File Manager” for Android

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Files Go – File Manager App For Android

Are you tired of using your default boring file manager in your smartphone? Or are you fed of apps like Es File Explorer which is full of bloatware? Well, guess what Google has released a new file manager app named “Files Go” accidentally!!!

Yes. They had released it on playstore and very few people were able to download and install this. But very soon Google removed this app and now it’s no more available their. Although you can download the apk file and install it.

Files Go Interesting Features :- 

  • It’s a material themed app.
  • It shows info in card based appearance.
  • It has temporary files cleaner.
  • You can quickly switch between folders for audios,videos and images.
  • You can send or receive files using this app.

We have made a dedicated video on this. Check that by clicking here. If you want to download the apk file of Files Go then click here.files

Vicky Mukherjee

Vicky Mukherjee

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