Cool Android Apps To Checkout – April 2019

New Android Apps for the Month of April 2019

It’s pretty amazing that we have already entered the April 2019. So how about we share some cool android apps which you should definitely try out. So here we have created a list of 5 awesome android apps for April 2019.

5 Awesome Android Apps – April 2019

1. Minma Icon Pack :-

This icon pack application is free on Google Playstore and comes with cool color and dark theme. The developer is also providing regular updates. So if you love to Customize your smartphone, you should definitely have a look at this Application.

2. Remindee :-

This is an awesome android app which helps users to schedule a notification, file or anything which has a “Share” option. Simply share that file, webpage, video link with Remindee. Then set a time and date and when the time arrives a notification will pop up which will redirect you to that particular thing.

3. ActionDash

So this application allows the user to get the analytics of their smartphone usage. Digital Wellbeing is an Android-Pie exclusive feature but not all smartphones run on Android 9.0. So this is a great option if you were wondering how to get digital wellbeing on all android phones. You get details for each day:- reports like unlock times, per sessions, notifications etc. The only feature missing here is the app blocking. However, it’s still a very clean app if smartphone addiction is concerning you.

4. Notch Battery :-

Only for Notch user!! This application is a live wallpaper app which allows a user to indicate the battery percentage from your notch. This app doesn’t require any permissions and is quite a cool android app because it makes your notch more productive.

5. Myscript Calculator 2 :-

MyScript Calculator 2 is an awesome App for the people who use calculator a lot & most frequently because this application allows you to enter the value as your handwriting which makes calculating things easy. The app recognizes the handwriting quite well however it fails sometimes. We hope it gets better with future updates.

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