Windows Taskbar Not Showing In Photoshop CS6 – FIXED 100% Working

Windows Taskbar Not Showing In Adobe Photoshop CC – FIXED

Photoshop is no doubt one of the best, if not THE BEST software for Photo editing and manipulations. People are changing the world, making money through it. It has a tons of tools and features and chances are high that you are not even aware of all of them. There are so many options that a Single click can sometimes land you in a trouble. Like suddenly you pressed a wrong key on the keyboard and something happened on the Photoshop Layout. Probably Toolbars are missing in Photoshop. There is fix for everything.

One of the most annoying problem of Adobe Photoshop is that sometimes you accidentally hide a toolbar and you have no clue what to do in order to get it back. I encountered with a problem where Windows Taskbar Is Not Showing In Adobe Photoshop CS6. The screen went to Full screen mode and all of the regular Windows tool were hidden. The Close, Maximum, Minimum buttons were all gone. Let me tell you the fix.

close minimize maximum buttons missing in photoshop

Close Minimize Maximize Buttons Are Missing In Photoshop- FIX

So to get back the Minimize Maximize and Close Buttons on Photoshop CS6/CC you have to just click a few thing.

  • Click on View from the Top Menu
  • Click on Screen Mode
  • Click on Standard Screen Mode

photoshop close minimize maximize buttons are missing

This will help you to get back those buttons and you will get back the Windows Taskbar in Photoshop CS6/CC as well.

CAN’T FIND VIEW OPTION :- Now if you can’t even find the Top Menu Bar of Photoshop then most probably your are in the Fullscreen mode in Photoshop. Simply Press Esc or F on the Keyboard and you will exit from Full Screen Mode in Photoshop CS6/CC.

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