Best Smartphone Gimbals In India (June 2019)

Best Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizers In India

Smartphone cameras have improved a lot these days. In many scenarios, you won’t even notice a major difference between the photos clicked by a DSLR camera and a Smartphone Camera. But still, it sucks at a point when it comes to stabilization. Well, of course, we have EIS enabled on many smartphones but still, that isn’t enough and hurts the quality. So here comes Smartphone Gimbals to the rescue. And if you are wondering what are the best smartphone gimbals in 2019 then relax, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of best gimbals for phone in India.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best gimbals for iPhone, Android or whatever your smartphone runs on. (Ooops…. Let us not consider Windows). Now some of the Gimbals are available officially in India while some of them have to be bought through Chinese sites like Gearbest. But we will still try to give us the list of best budget smartphone gimbals in 2018.

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Best Budget Smartphone Gimbals In India :-

1. Moza Mini Mi :-

best smartphone gimbals 2018

You may or may not have heard about this gimbal. The company is relatively new but recently it has gained a lot of attractions. The gimbal has a very premium look. It’s a 3-axis Gimbal with all the necessary modes and features. However it lacks a Trigger button but it has joystick on the front for Axis movements. The handle doesn’t have any kind of rubber grip. This smartphone gimbal has an interesting feature called the inception mode which basically allows you to shoot videos which spin. The Moza Mini Mi also has a wireless charging feature. So you can charge your supported phones from this. It also has a micro-usb port in case your smartphone doesn’t support wireless charging. The Gimbal costs just $99 in Amazon International. You can also get it from Amazon India for around Rs. 9,000.

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2. Feiyu-Tech Vimble 2 :-

vimble 2 india

Now I have made a full review of this gimbal which you can check out by clicking here. This Gimbal offers a lot and it’s my favorite among the whole list. It has a very premium look and it also comes with different color variants. The gimbal also has a rubber grip and all the necessary buttons like Joystick, Trigger, Mode Changing etc. The most unique feature of this Gimbal is an in-built selfie stick which allows you to take beautiful crane shots. The Gimbal also has auto timelapse, hyperlapse mode. This is one of the best budget gimbals. It’s available for around $92 on Aliexpress and we can definitely recommend it to you. It’s also available in India for Rs. 7,500 on Amazon.


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3. Zhiyun Smooth Q :-

best budget smartphone gimbals 2018

Now if you are looking for the best smartphone gimbal and your budget is around $100 then we can definitely recommend it to you. The Zhiyun Smooth Q is simply the best at this price segment. From it’s stabilization to the ability to mover 360-degree simply makes it absolutely worthy to buy. The gimbal is also very lightweight compared to other smartphone gimbals. The gimbal also allows taking videos in portrait modes which will eventually help if you go live on Instagram, Facebook a lot. This Gimbal costs around $99-106 in Gearbest.

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4. Xiaomi Mijia 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal :-

best budget gimbals in india

Xiaomi is popularly known for their popular smartphones. But apart from that they also manufacture many other products. Mijia is one of the parts of their ecosystem. Mijia previously had an action camera gimbal and this new smartphone gimbal looks quite similar to that. It has a very minimal white look which makes it attractive. This gimbal also offers very good stabilization. You can get it for $132 on Gearbest.

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5. DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Smartphone Gimbal :-

best smartphone gimbals in india

DJI is a very popular brand when it comes to drone videography. They’ve produced one of the most popular drones like DJI Spark, Spark 2 etc. But they also make Smartphone gimbals. The Osmo Mobile 2 is their latest edition. It’s a huge upgrade over the previous generation. This Gimbals has better battery life and a very powerful App for further controls and features. The Osmo Mobile 2 has also a very premium look which will definitely look good in your hands. This gimbal costs $139 in Gearbest and is also available in Amazon India for Rs. 9,999.

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6. Zhiyun Smooth 4 :-

zhiyun smooth 4 india price best smartphone gimbals in india

This smartphone gimbal is a gem from Zhiyun. This is a massive upgrade over the Zhiyun Smooth Q.  Technically it’s an upgrade over the Zhiyun Smooth 3. Anyways, this gimbal comes with a Focus Pull/Zoom wheel which is super handy for amazing B-rolls. The Gimbal is also very premium looking and offers a great battery life. Zhiyun Smooth 4 also has an interesting feature called the Vertigo Effect Amazon Indiawhich is very popular in cinematography. If you are looking for best smartphone gimbal then this might be your choice. The gimbal costs $119 on Gearbest. It’s also available in and costs Rs. 10,200.

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