Best Earphones Under Rs. 1000 In India 2018

Best Earphones Under 1,000 Rs. – Best Budget Earphones

Who doesn’t love music? We all do. And like most of the other people I don’t like to play the music through my Smartphone’s speaker and make everyone listen to it. So the best way to listen music is through Earphones or Headphones. And we Indians love budget gadgets and so we are searching for best earphones under Rs. 1,000. So in this article we are going to share what to buy earphones under 1000 rs.

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best earphones under 1000

1More Piston Fit :-

You all probably guessed it’s name. The list of best earphones under 1,000 Rs. is incomplete without 1More Piston FIT. This is one of the most selling earphones on Amazon. 1More previously used to make Earphones for Xiaomi. Now their 1More Piston FITT resembles very much in design. It has a very nice curved shape in the ear-buds which make it absolutely fit in ears. They are made of metal, so the build quality is quite nice. The build quality of wire isn’t that great. The audio quality of this Earphones are really great. The trebles are really crystal clear. However if you are a heavy bass lover then this might disappoint you. It has an in-built microphone to receive calls. It also comes with ear-tips for different sizes.

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best earphones under 1000 rs

House Of Marley :-

This is one of the killer earphones that you can get under 1,000 Rs. When it comes to design you might or might not be impressed. The ear pieces are made of Wood and it has a polished finish over there. The build quality of the wires are incredible and it won’t get tangled. Now the sound quality of these earphones are one of the best in this price range. All the highs, mids and lows are clear. The bass is very good in these earphones and you will get a great musical experience. It also has an effective noise-cancellation.

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best earphones under 1000 rs

JBL C100SI Earphones :-

JBL and audio are quite equivalent to each other. Even non-tech guys also know the name of JBL and it has a very great earphones under 1,000 Rs. it’s the JBL C100SI and on the first glance it will look awesome. It has a good design so that hey don’t fall of from your ears. the build quality is decent here but in Audio department it nails it. the quality is sharp and you will never feel it like a budget earphone. The performance is absolutely great and the Matte-Black finish on it makes it even more attractive. It also has volume-control buttons.

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best earphones under 1000 rs

Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100 :-

Now this is probably the most beautiful looking earphones under Rs. 1,000. The shape is ergonomic and the colors on it are really vibrant. The sound quality here is just amazing. Probably it nails over all other earphones in this price range. You will surely love it. the only concern here is the build-quality. It’s made of thin wire and it will easily get tangled. It also doesn’t have a microphone so you may not be able to answer your calls through it. But thankfully the company provides you a case to carry it which is of nice quality.

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best earphones under 1000 rs

boAt Bass Heads 225 Earphones :-

Now this is actually a true budget earphone but it still deserves to be in this list. The colors of these earphones are vibrant. The build quality is also very good here. As the package mentions extra bass and this is what it delivers. You will surely love these earphones if you are a bass lover. The vocals are also quite great but you should choose the Audio-Technica one if you are a treble lover. The quality of wire is really solid as it is flat wire and tangle free. It also comes with a microphone and overall it;s a very good earphones under 500 Rs. sometimes.

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So these were our picks for Best Earphones that you can buy under Rs. 1,000. What do you think? If you want to buy earphones under 1,000 Rs. then do use our links and that will help us in future.

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