Best 20 Cool Hidden Android Tips & Tricks

Cool Hidden Android Tips And Tricks 2020

According to reports over 1.5 billion Android devices have been activated. It mean’s most of us use android phones on your daily bases. So here are some Best 30 Cool Android Smartphone tips tricks and hacks. Which can improve and help you a lot in your daily life

Photo Math

This android application gives you a new way to solve math’s problem with your android smartphone. It solves all type of math problems with the smartphone camera. This can be a Life-saver application.

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Feature’s Of Photo-Math

  1. Scan textbook [Print] and handwritten problems also.
  2. Scientific Calculator
  3. Step by step explanations for every solution
  4. No internet connections required to use
  5. 30+ languages supported
Video By Photo Math

HOW IT WORKS: Photo Math

Instantly scan printed text AND handwritten math problems using your device’s camera or type and edit equations with our scientific calculator.

Smartphone Len’s

A smartphone lens can take your smartphone photography to the next level. With the help of Len’s, you can create some awesome shots. Really buying a smartphone Len’s is fully effective

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Type’s of Smartphone Len’s

  • 12x Zoom wide angle telephoto portable len’s
  • Universal 8x Zoom telescope camera
  • Zoom lens
  • Blue bird’s Len’s / Fisheye Len’s
  • Macro lens
  • Telescope DSLR blur background effect len’s

Music Controller [Off-screen]

This music controller android apps help to control your music. With the help of your volume key. This application also allows the user to change the music screen is off or in your pocket

Features of music controller

  • Skip to Next song using volume UP key.
  • Skip to the Previous song using volume DOWN key.
  • Adjust music volume by pressing a volume key more than once.
  • Stop music from your pocket using volume keys.
  • Single Sleep Timer for all your music player apps.

Unlock Any File Without Password

This is an awesome hidden chrome browser tricks for android smartphones. With the help of this trick you can view all your file, photo, video and everything [This will help you when you forgot your password of your file-manager] You can also play music & videos without skipping chrome browser. And if your friend is hiding something from you then you can also see that too .

How to view file , photo , video and all

  1. Open Chrome Browser

  2. Type [file:///sdcard/]

  3. Select the file you want the browser

  4. Enjoy!

Search file:///sdcard for this chrome browser trick

You can also use this trick in your friend’s phone [Not Recommend]

Android Hidden Codes

Android hidden codes img smartphone png photo cool hidden tricks and tip's

Many smartphone companies provide the code to the developer and the codes are quite hidden from the user with no reason. You can enter these codes just pull up the default dialer app and use your chubby fingers to press the correct buttons

Android smartphone secret codes in this image
Android Secret Code”s

There are some more smartphone code’s which are not mentioned

View All Smartphone Password

Just for a sec imagining if you are able to view all the password which are saved in your android smartphone. So this trick’s I quite simple and you do not require root access. If you want to try this trick then follow the steps

Password from chrome hidden in your smartphone
  • Open Chrome Browser
  • Go to chrome setting in your smartphone
  • You will find Password
  • Click Password
  • The Password is now visible. Enjoy!
Chrome Browser hidden secret code to view password [chrome://settings/passwords] , smartphone+tricks
Enter This URL

Note: Only the saved password visible

Recover All Deleted Photo [Without Root]

Many times we delete our memory’s [Photo] from your android smartphone. Then we realize that we have lost something important. So if you want to recover all your deleted photos without root access then it is possible. Just install this application from google play store.

How To Recover Deleted Photo [Disk digger]

  • Install Disk Digger from Playstore.
  • Open the Application.
  • Allow all the permission.
  • You can now view all deleted photos.
  • Select Photo you want to recover.
  • Tap on recover.
  • Done! Enjoy.

Disk Digger can Un-delete and recover lost photos and images from your memory card or internal memory. No rooting necessary!* Whether you accidentally deleted a photo or even reformatted your memory card, Disk Digger’s powerful data recovery features can find your lost pictures and let you restore them.

Note: The photo will be recovered in medium quality [Not original Quality]

Use Google Map Offline

If you use google map’s on a daily base then you must be knowing about how much battery it uses while using GPS, Mobile Data and all. If you are also surfing from this same problem then here is a solution for you. Simply you can take a screenshot of your destination. And then you can turn off your GPS, Mobile Data. Now you can experience that your smartphone is battery life is increased

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Simple but Life-Saver

Delete Inactive Apps [Smartphone Tips]

If your smartphone performance is decreasing day by day then most probably your smartphone may behave a lot of application. To increase the performance of your smartphone. You can uninstall all the inactive app or we can say uninstall all the application which you do not use.

image by how+can+i+speed+up+my+android+phone

And to solve your phone lag issue Restart your device. A quick and simple fix for a slow device is to simply restart it. This can clear out the cache, stop unnecessary tasks from running, and get things running smoothly again. Just hold down the power button, select the Restart option, and then tap OK to confirm. Or you can also install Go Lite size application

Use  Lite size application by google

Scan QR code Without Any Application [Mi Phone]

If you use the xiaomi smartphone then there is a piece of good news for you because. Recently xiaomi has added a new QR code scanner in a recent update. And this QR code scanner in there default camera

Indicoder qr code img QR Code

Take Better Photo’s From Smartphone [Tips]

Smartphone’s camera is getting better day-by-day. Even smartphone companies are trying to give the best option in terms of camera. So let’s talk about smartphone photography tips

  • Use grid-lines to balance your shot. [Align subject properly]
  • Clean your phone’s lens.
  • Set your camera’s focus.
  • Focus on one subject.
  • Find different perspectives.
  • Play with reflections.
  • Avoid zooming in.
  • Capture small details.
  • Think out of the box.
  • Play with colors [While editing].
  • Find a story in your image

This was some tips which will help you a lot in your smartphone photography. And if you have a clicked a good photo make sure you. Tag us on Instagram

Make Smartphone Look Better

Using smartphone cover indirectly kills the beauty of your smartphone. To avoid this you can use smartphone skins. Smartphone skin is a new way to make your smartphone look better because skin does not add a bulky layer. And if you are looking or smartphone skin. We recommend you Wrap cart

Use Coupon Code: INDICODER For Rs50/- Off

12] Cast Your Screen To Other Android Screen

If you want to share or cast your screen to your friend or another android smartphone you need to know about the sender and receiver. The streamer of the screen is called the sender and the one who watches the screen is called the receiver. There are lots of applications to cast your screen or smartphone display. I will list some of the applications down below for you which are free of cost and available on google play store.

How To Use Ink Wire

  • Generate access code [For Receiver Access]
  • Allow all Permission for screen rec & microphone access

Now the receiver can view your screen

Auto-Responder For Whatsapp

Assume if you are playing pubg or doing some important work and at the same time. So at this time, this application can help you a lot to reply automatically. You can program this application as per your need’s and edit the reply

Note:- This application only work’s when your smartphone has internet access

Send Message Without Your Phone Number [Educational purpose]

[This trick is only for the educational purpose] Many times we all want to send SMS to anyone without showing your personal phone number. Just for privacy and in some case you want to send SMS but your SMS pack is now expired so no you can use this trick. And this trick is free of cost. For this trick, you need to visit.


Your number and personal information will not be shared.

Just Have A Small Break And Have A Look At Your Instagram

Add Keyboard Shortcut

Adding keyboard shortcut will really help you a lot like you can add your important Phone number , Email and address by going into your keyboard setting’s. I personally recommend you installing the Typing Hero Text expander keyboard. In this application you can add shortcut’s very easily like Instagram quick chat.

Imagine how many hours you can save by using Typing Hero to write other lengthy text! Say goodbye ? to boring ? and time-wasting ⏳ habit of typing, and boost your productivity with Typing Hero.

17 Use Dark Mode

Nowadays many smartphone and app developers are adding a dark mode for user experience and to improve the battery life. So let’s take advantage of these features. Because of this feature, you can save your eye well as a smartphone battery also. Many popular applications like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many more

Youtube Dark Mode Features

Indicoder Is Also Available On Youtube

Manage All Social Media In One Feed

Just imagine if you can handle all your social media in one feed. Sounds great right? So now this possible with the application called “Feedster”. So if you want to use all your social media in one feed you just to install an application

After installing this application you just have to allow all the required permission. And login all the social media account you want to access for example Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Youtube and all. Now can see all the information, tweet, post and video. And this application is free of cost on google play store.

Animated Story Maker For Instagram Story

If you are an Instagram person and if you want to take your Instagram to the next level. Then you should try to move an animated story maker. It’s an amazing application to convert your normal photo into an awesome looking animated video.

And you can take your social business to the next level. This application is easy to use and the outcome is awesome.

Access Dark Mode In Chrome Browser

Recently Google Chrome has added dark mode only for developer and beta. So if you want to access the then follow the below steps.

  • Open Chrome
  • Type chrome://flags in the search bar.
  • Now enable chrome UI Dark mode
  • Then type Dark Mode in flag search

Now You Can Access to Dark Mode in your chrome browser. -Android

Just Make Sure Your Google Play store Is Up-to-Date [Version-74].

Stop Ads And Save Your Data

Most of you guys may be using this popular video playing app called MX Player, this is really a good app to play & stream video from your smartphone. But the bad side of this application is that which app comes with ads, ads & ads. + lots of game on play store comes with the same issue called ads. Now if you are looking to stops these ads there are three-way to do this.

  1. Upgrade To Pro Version Of The Apps, If Possible.
  2. Install Lucky Patcher & remove the ads code from the root file of the application.
  3. Switch off the data access for that particular application. From phones settings > Data usage & more

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