5 Best Earphones Under Rs. 500 In India – June 2019

Best Earphones Under Rs. 500 On Amazon/Flipkart

Hello there. If you are reading this article then the chances are high that you are an audiophile like me. And in order to get an awesome musical experience, you surely need to use some good earphones. So here is a list of 5 best earphones under 500 Rs. in India that will surely impress you. These are carefully selected and are one of the best earphones with bass which are available on Amazon or Flipkart.

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Best Earphones Under 500 Rs. With Bass and Great Audio Quality :-

1. Mi Basic Earphones:-

earphones under 500 india

This is one of the most popular Xiaomi products in India. These earphones share a very similar design to the 1More piston fit earphones which is one of the best earphones under 1000 Rs. The sound quality is very good for the price of just Rs. 399. You get a good balanced audio experience and it has a decent amount of bass. But if you are a heavy bass lover then we won’t recommend you to buy these earphones. It has a microphone to take calls as well. Best Buy Links Of Mi Basic Earphones Is Given Below.

1. Come with a mic1. Average build quality
2. Ergonomic design for great fitting2. Not for heavy bass lovers
3. L shaped jack
4. Gold plated jack
5. Balanced audio quality

BUY:- Amazon | Flipkart (Price :- Rs. 399)

2. Realme Earbuds :-

best earphones under 500 in india bass with mic

These earphones from Realme really created a buzz when they were launched. These are the biggest competitor to the Mi Basic earphones. The strongest point of the Realme earbuds is the build quality. It’s excellent. It comes with a braided cable and has magnetic design for the earbuds. The audio is very loud and you won’t have any complaints. However, when it comes to audio quality we felt that the Mi Basic sounds better than these Realme Earbuds. Also it lacks the 160% Bass that the company claimes while launching.

1. Excellent build quality
1. Audio isn’t balanced
2. Braided cable2. No L-shaped jack
3. Magnetic earbuds3. Silver plated jack
4. Comes with a Microphone
5. Loud audio

BUY :- Amazon | Flipkart (Rs. 499)

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3. boAt Bassheads 152 :-

earphones under 500 with bass

The earphones are very new in the market and not quite popular yet. But trust me, they deserve huge attention. These earphones come with a braided cable and the outer side of the earbuds are made of metal. The earbuds have a 45-arched shape which makes them very ergonomic to fit in your ears. The audio quality is excellent and very balanced. The microphone also works quite well. These are one of the best earphones under 500 Rs. price bracket.

1. Excellent build quality1. Magnetic earbuds were expected
2. Braided cable2. Not for super heavy bass lovers
3. L-shaped gold jack
4. Great balanced audio
5. Comfortable to wear

BUY :- Amazon (Price :- Rs. 399-499)

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4. Ant Audio W56 :-

best earphones under 1000 in india

These are one of the most popular earphones under 500 Rs. these days. The Ant Audio W56 earphones look very stylish and will fit very well in your ears. You get different size of ear hooks along with earbuds for the perfect fitting. The audio quality is probably the best in this price range. They sound very loud and won’t hurt your ears. Although, the build isn’t the finest at this price range. But overall, if you are looking for best earphones with great audio quality and bass, Ant Audio W56 should be your choice.

1. Stylish looks1. Wires aren’t braided
2. Multiple fitting options
3. Excellent audio quality
4. Loud audio without distortion
5. L-shaped gold plated jack

BUY : Amazon | Flipkart (Rs. 499-599)

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5. JBL C100SI Earphones :-

best earphones with bass under 500

These earphones most of the time sale for Rs. 599 but if you are luck then you can get them for Rs. 499 as well. And for that price they are probably the best sounding earphones under 500 Rs. The audio quality is just mind blowing: Bass, Treble, Vocals everything is just awesome. They also have an ergonomic design. However, the build quality doesn’t feel very nice and it lacks an L-shaped jack.

1. Ergonomic design1. Build quality isn’t good as others
2. Excellent audio quality2. No L-shaped jack
3. Great amount of Bass
4. Very good microphone quality
5. Gold plated jack

BUY :- Amazon (Rs. 499-649)

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6. boAt Bassheads 225 :-

earphones in india under 500

Now how could we skip these earphones? One of the best sellers on Amazon, boAt Bassheads 225 deserved the place in this list. These earphones come with flat designed wires which don’t get tangled. You will get multiple ear tips and ear hooks. The audio is very loud and these are heaven for bass lovers.

1. Good build quality1. Not for treble lovers
2. Flat wires that don’t get tangled2. Not suitable for games like PUBG
3. Loud audio
4. L-shaped gold plated jack
5. Great for bass lovers
6. Multiple fitting options

BUY :-Amazon (Price:- 499-549)

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So these were our choice for the best earphones under 500 Rs. in India as of June 2019. We will continue to update the list as soon as any new earphones in India catch our attention. If you liked this article then kindly use the links to purchase. You can also follow me on Twitter @IndiCoder18.

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