20 Honor 7x Tips And Tricks That You Should Know Right Now

Honor 7x Tips And Tricks That Will Make This Smartphone Better

Honor 7x is one of the best mid ranger smartphones under 15,000 Rs. right now. Although the 64GB variant costs 15,999 Rs. but still the Honor 7x comes with some great specifications and features. It comes with the Emotion UI i.e. EMUI 5.1 which is a custom skin but actually it has some great amount of features. Here are 20 Best Honor 7x Tips And Tricks that you should use right now apart from that popular Dual Apps feature for Facebook, WhatsApp.

1. Customizing The Navigation Bar

Some android smartphones with Custom skin don’t come with a navigation bar. But Honor 7x does and it has some the basic options for Home, Recent Apps a Back button. But if you want to change their position and even add a Quick Notification toggle menu then simply Go to Settings> Navigation Key and there you will find all possible combinations of Navbar Icons. Select the one you want.

honor 7x tips and tricks

2. Home Screen Style

Now honestly I don’t like the default Honor 7x home screen. So if you want to know that how to change Honor 7x home screen then let me help you. Go to your Settings>Home Screen Style and there you will find bunch of options. You will find an option to add App Drawer.

3. Use Finger Print Gestures

Many 3rd party apps allow you to control your Smartphone with your finger print but why would you when you have the Honor 7x. Simply go to your Settings>Fingerprint ID.  On the bottom under “Touch And Hold Gesture” you will find bunch of gestures for Answering Calls, Sliding Pictures, Photo Capture etc.

4. Object Tracking In Camera

Now we all know camera limits of a smartphones. It quickly gets out of focus and just a move of the camera, it ruins everything. So enabling Object Tracking can be really useful. Just open the camera and swipe right. You will land onto the Honor 7x camera settings. Then scroll down a bit an Enable Object Tracking. This will help you to track an object while shooting on Honor 7x and the object will stay in focus.

honor 7x screen recording

5. Screen recording

You saw those Android Tutorials on YouTube where people share a screen-recording on there smartphone. Ever wondered How To Do Screen Recording On Honor 7x . Well you don’t need any 3rd Party App on EMUI. Scroll down Notification Panel>Click On the Edit Icon> Add the screen-recording tile. From now whenever you want to screen record your Android just enable it and it will work like the char. The video quality is quite good and the video size is compressed as well. It also enables microphone automatically so that you can do a voice over.

6. Split Screen Mode

Now this is not a totally EMUI feature rather it’s the feature of Android Nougat but it’s cool to have Split Screen Mode on Honor 7x. Just use an App as you normally do, then Tap and Hold on the recent Apps apps icon. It will open another tray. Just select the other App which you want to use. This will help you to browse 2 Apps at the same time. For an example:- You can watch a YouTube video and text your girl-friend on WhatsApp at the same time. NOTE:- Every App doesn’t support Split Screen mode. e.g. Instagram.

honor 7x tips and tricks

7. Switch Between Split Screen Apps

This is an extended Honor 7x tips and tricks. So we already learnt how to use the split screen mode in Honor 7x. Now beauty of EMUI is that it provides you the option to switch the places of the Apps. Simply click on the middle icon where the two apps are splited. Then click on the switch icon. Now the apps will interchange their places.

8. Pinch To Zoom In YouTube

What’s the point of having a Full view display if we can’t enjoy the Videos in full screen mode? Thanks to the latest YouTube app which supports full view display. Simply pinch out on the screen while playing a YouTube video on the Honor 7x and their will be no more black bars. You can similarly pinch in to appear those black bars again.

9. Share WiFi Connection

Not many phones come with a feature like WiFi bridge which is present on Honor 7x. In simple words it’s Hotspot to share the WiFi which you are already connected to. Simply go to Settings and search for WiFi bridge. Turn on the WiFi bridge and now other people near you will be able to use the WiFi connection even if they don’t have Password for that. You can also use this feature as a WiFi extender.

10. Take Long Screenshots

Do you want to share screenshots of your WhatsApp conversations or may be you want to share some comments of a specific FB post. Screenshots are the best weapon for that. But capturing multiple screenshots and then sharing them is a heck of a task. Here comes my one of the most favorite features of Honor 7x. Swipe down your notification panel and you will find Screenshot option. It will take a Screenshot and then immediately you will see Scrollshot option. Click on it and the page/app will start scrolling. When you want to stop simply Tap on the screen. This also reduces the pain of holding Power+Volume Down button.

11. One Handed Mode

Smartphones with 5.5 inch screen are pretty common now a days and our Honor 7x also comes with a large screen. For most of the people using these smartphones with one handed is pretty tough job. So the One-Handed UI on Honor 7x can be your life saver. Go to Settings>Smart Assistance>One-Handed UI. From here enable the Mini Screen View. Next time when you swipe left or right on the navigation bar then the screen will be reduced. This will help you to use your phone with one hand. You can also enable this feature for keyboards for a better typing experience. So isn’t it a cool Honor 7x trick?

12. 3D Sound Effect

The audio outpot of Honor 7x isn’t that great. So you may be wondering how to make Honor 7x audio output better. Simply go to Settings and search for Huawei Histen Sound Effects and you will find some tweaks. You can enable 3D sound which will give a better audio output. You can also change the amount from Near to Wide.

13. Double Tap To Wake And Sleep

Moto devices come with this feature and I also love it. Your Honor 7x also has the ability of double tap to wake and speep. Again go to Settings and search for Double Touch. Enable it and from now you can double tap on your Honor 7x screen and take a quick look on your time or whatever info you need. You can double tap again and it will turn of the screen back.

14. Save Battery Life On Honor 7x

Battery life is on of the most important part for any Smartphone. You may install many Battery Saver apps but at the end they don’t work. Honor 7x comes with a great setting that will enhance the battery life in it. Go to Settings?Battery. Now enable Low resolution power saving . This will reduce some pixels and eventually help to get more juice out of your Honor 7x.

15. Stop Background Apps

Background apps are one of the reasons why your Smartphone’s battery life may not be that good. Now Honor 7x has a neat little feature which will stop all those unnecessary background apps from running. Go to Settings>Battery>Close apps after screen lock. Select all the apps that you don’t want to run after the screen is locked. Remember, if you select apps like WhatsApp, Facebook then you won’t receive notifications after the screen is locked. So don’t select them.

16. Flip To Mute

You are in an important meeting and suddenly you got a call and it started ringing. How uneasy the situation is!! So this Honor 7x trick will surely help you. Go to Settings>Smart Assistance>Motion control>Flip . Now enable Mute incoming calls. From now whenever you will receive a call you can flip your Honor 7x and it will stop ringing. However the call will still go on.

honor 7x tips and tricks

17. Unlock Apps With Fingerprint

Privacy is a big concern and our messaging apps contain a huge part of them. One glimpse at your personal messages and it may become a threat for you. Thankfully Honor 7x comes with built in App Lock system. Go to you Phone Manager app and enable App Lock. Select the apps which you want to lock. It will require a new pin. From the next time whenever someone unlocks your device and try to open that app it will require your Fingerprint. The feature works instant enough and it’s quite good to have on Honor 7x.

honor 7x tips and tricks

18. Eye Comfort Mode

You are using your Honor 7x at the night to chat with your loved ones or you are scrolling through the News Feed on Instagram. At the night using a smartphone can be very harmful to your eyes. For this Honor 7x provides Eye comfort option which will filter down certain light rays to protect your eyes. Go to Settings>Display>Eye comfort. Enable it and you will see the change. You can also make it Warmer or Cooler according to your choice. You can also schedule it which will automatically turn on this mode at a certain time.

honor 7x tips and tricks

19. Make All Apps Run Full Screen On Honor 7x

Previously we told you how to enable Full view mode on YouTube. But what about the other Apps? Don’t worry. Go to Settings>Display>Full screen display. From here select the apps which you want to run in Full Screen mode. This may hamper the looks of some apps.

20. Split Screen Mode For All Apps

We also taught you how to enable split screen mode on the Honor 7x. But you may notice that not all the apps support this mode e.g. Instagram. So to fix this go to Settings>About Phone and then click on the build number 7 times. Then the Developer Option will be enabled on your Honor 7x. Go to Developer Options and scroll all the way down. Then select Force activities to be resizable. Then restart your phone and now all the Apps should work on the Split Screen mode. This may do some weird behaviors since all the Apps aren’t officially supported yet.

So these were the 20 Best Honor 7x Tips And Tricks . I hope you will love these cool tricks. If you want to purchase it then click here.

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